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Award-Winning Art Quilts by Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf!

Snowball-quilt-pattern-rose-trellis Rose Trellis Quilt
72 inches x 80 1/2 inches This quilt was one of my early traditional quilts.
I was still learning how to use my machine and cut patterns. I "Fussy-Cut" the roses for the centers of this sno-ball quilt pattern and chose colors that would create a lot of depth.
I quilted around each rose and along the trellis pattern.

For the border, I fussy-cut a pattern from a very ornate piece of fabric, turning the edges under and stitched along each edge to make them smooth.
I then appliqued these long strips onto another piece of fabric to create the border.
Rose Trellis Quilt
72 inches x 80.50 inches

Sno-Ball Trellis Pattern
Design size is 72 inches x 80 1/2 inches
This was one of my early "Traditional" quilts.

This Quilt Has Been Sold

Quilts created by Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf. Images owned by the artist used with permission only!

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