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Jack of All Trades

Just before my mom passed away she said to me
"I find it fascinating that whatever you set your mind to do, you have been successful at it.
You taught yourself to sew and your quilts win prizes.
Marcus gives you a camera and, wow, you really take beautiful photographs.
You taught yourself how to make those embroidery designs and now people buy them from you.
You decided you wanted to write a book about that horrible night and now people are asking you to speak at sexual assault conferences.
Keep it up, I'm really proud of all you have accomplished."

How can I follow that? Thanks mom!
Hopefully these pages will inspire and encourage those think they can't do that!
You Can!


Approaching Winter
1st Place Embellishment Winner in the $100,000 Quilting Challenge 2007!

Jennifer and her husband, Marcus, live in Florida.

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