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oasis-butterfly-orchid-art-quilt OASIS 60 1/2 inches x 56 3/4 inches

A layered fabric collage.

I made many of the leaves and the large monarch butterfly for this quilt by layering silk, organza, netting, satin and tulle. Then I cut various flowers from an assortment of fabrics and created a collage with the leaves I made.

Detail of the Monarch Butterfly
I started this quilt by creating layered fabric leaves and the monarch butterfly.
I also created layered leaves and butterflies on the background corduroy fabric.
Detail of Gladiolus

I fussy-cut these gladiolus from a cotton print and appliqued them to the backing fabric.
Detail of the Bottom Left Corner
I love to mix different types of fabric and textures to create a surface that is interesting to the touch and the eye!

Detail of Orchids
I was planning to enter this quilt into the National Orchid Society's annual contest. But, I made a huge mess of the background of this quilt and had to start over!

I solved the problem by cutting the original orchid group out from the ruined background. Then I satin-stitched the edges of the entire cut-out group of flowers and stitched it to a new background!
This slowed down my progress and I missed the NOS contest deadline! But, I was happy to have worked through my problem and finish the quilt successfully!
Detail of the Bottom Center Leaves
In this photo you can see the details that went into creating many of the leaves I created for this quilt.

I used decorative threads when I appliqued the cut-out floral grouping. Metallic threads, colored and different sized threads add lots of detail to the surface of the quilt.
oasis-orchids-quilting stitching-detail
Detail of Free-style Quilting Stitches
Having the ability to draw does help me with the finishing quilting stitches!
I used a marking wheel filled with and iron-off chalk to draw the leaves and butterflies onto the background of the quilt.
I then stitched along the chalk lines to continue the floral collage. A warm iron erases the chalk after the stitching is done!

60 1/2 inches x 56 3/4 inches

Selected into the World Quilt Contest-New England 2009!
Quilt size is 60 1/2 inches x 56 3/4 inches


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Quilts created by Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf. Images owned by the artist used with permission only!

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