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knucklehead-photo Knucklehead
approximately 3 feet x 2 1/2 feet

I created this quilt of my old cat, Knucklehead, for a trunk show that I was invited to in Arlington, Virginia.
I wanted to show how an art quilt could be created fairly quickly using a favorite photograph.
knucklehead-photo-shop I started by reducing the colors of Knucklehead's photograph in Photo Shop. You can use any graphics program you are comfortable with.
Once I reduced the colors, I mapped out the genteral shapes and started selecting fabric that matched the tones and colors of the photo.
By reducing the colors, I was able to cut out some of the detail and this reduced the number of fabric colors needed to complete the image.
You can add more or less colors depending on how complex you want your quilt to be. Since I was on a deadline and wanted to finish this quickly,
I reduced the colors as far as I could keeping my fabrics at a minimum and still achieving Knucklehead's likeness.
knucklehead-quilt-square-finished This photograph shows the detail of my Knucklehead quilt. I paid special attention to Knucklehead's eyes by adding extra layers of colored tulle to bring out the depth of color.
knucklehead-quilt-square-finished-with-photo This photograph shows the completed quilt and the photograph I used as inspiration.

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