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Aquarium quilt-jennifer Wheatley-Wolf

20 inches x 26 inches

The challenge of this quilt was to see if I could use some of my many printed fabrics and make them look like an aquatic scene.
I had some fabrics that had interesting fish printed on them, so I set out to create an environment for them.
At first I had trouble looking beyond the prints, but once I got involved in creating the scene, I was able to 'see' shells, fish and plantlife where once there was a calico, stripe or dots.
Aquarium quilt-jennifer Wheatley-Wolf
Detail Of Barnacles and Angel Fish

I created the barnicals using several different fall-themed fabrics.
I used decorative stitches to finish the edges and overlayed tulle to create shadows.
Detail Coral Aquarium quilt-jennifer Wheatley-Wolf
Detail Of Coral And Shell

The coral was fun to create because it let me use some brightly colored fabrics and cut them without precision!
The conch shell was a little more challenging because it required a bit more attention to shape and stitching.
Imaginary Fish Aquarium quilt-jennifer Wheatley-Wolf Detail Of Imaginary Fish And Coral

Even though I had a lot of printed fish fabric, I got so involved in this project that I decided to make some fish from my prints.
This fellow blends in with the coral reef!
You can see I have already stitched my appliques in place and have begun to pin my quilt sandwich in place for free-style quilting.
Aquarium quilt-jennifer Wheatley-Wolf Seahorse

One of my favorite parts of this quilt was also my most difficult to 'draw'.
I think of each fabric color and shape in the same way I think of paint and a brush. I use the fabric to 'draw' each compontent of a quilt.
I wanted the seahorses to be recognizable but I wanted to keep them simple.
I managed to do this by capturing their shapes and textures using just 2 different fabrics and decorative stitching.
Shell Detail Aquarium quilt-jennifer Wheatley-Wolf Detail Of Shell and Sea Grass

Like the conch shell, I created this small shell using a simple calico and decorative stitching. For the sea grass, I used a printed holiday fabric that had pine needles and holly.
I cut the fabric randomly so it no longer looked like a Christmas tree.

I gave this quilt to one of my sister for Christmas a few years ago.

Quilts created by Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf. Images owned by the artist used with permission only!

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